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Company Overview

Delight Group Tanzania was established in 2017 as a sole proprietor for supply of automotive Spare Parts especially Cylinder Liners of Delight brand made in India. The company was founded by a founder of Delight Brand Mr. Damji Patel with a wealth of long experience and strong financial back up with its base of operations in India. The company Since its operation begun, the company has gained continuous success due to its reliable and stable reputation among its client base.

Delight Group team is limited but highly skilled management and staffs. This ensures delivery of our products to the highest professional and efficiency resulting to highest customer satisfaction level.

What We Did ?

Currently, Delight Group Tanzania serves the customers in the following areas:

  • The largest trusted and most reliable supplier of Automotive spare parts for different brands and makes;
  • Automotive Servicing for all types of mechanical
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Automotive and industrial engineering services (machining and fabrication industry)

“Team work and People focused”

DELIGHT GROUP TANZANIA recognizes that the most important asset of the company is the employee. We works together as a team with mutual respect, honesty and hard work which is the foundation of our success.

Company Certified

Our company is duly registered and certified under the following government and trading regulatory agencies:

  • Founder :Mr. Damji Patel
  • Location : Nyerere Road
  • Year Founded : 2017
  • Directors : Bijal H Solanki
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Our Vision

  • To be the leading automotive spare parts supplier in the market.
  • To achieve the highest quality service for maximum customer satisfaction
  • To achieve the sustainable growth and profitability.

Our Mission

  • To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction
  • To ensure availability of parts at any given time.
  • To deliver the highest quality of parts in the most efficient and economical way.